Poem By johanna damon

The pain it kills tears me up inside
Screw almost, hell I just died
You took all of who I am and now I can't hide
From the pain the agony deep inside
I'm so lost without you and I know you'll never be by my side
You promised forever and always and that you would never leave
And I was stupid enough to believe
The lie you told me now I want to heave
You left me all alone in the cold
When you promised to have and to hold
Me forever for all my life now it's old
Decayed you took my trust my heart and my soul
Took them and trampled them over and over again will I ever be whole
Or have you destroyed that part of me forever
Can I live a broken life?
Never able to love to my fullest again
I'm dead inside
Time for the mask of happiness
Time to deal with seeing you on the street
Time to feel the knife twisting in my heart
Time to tell our girls why they don't have a daddy
Time not to cry as I tell them daddy just didn't love mommy
Time to die a lil more inside everyday

Copyright © Johanna M Stone 2011

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