Death is nice,
Death is sweet,
It is the only thing I have not done.
Drugs makes you high,
Drinking makes you drunk,
But nothing can show you what death can.
Though people say death is nothing new.
I can tell you now,
That death is the only things left for a lot of us.
After you've seen what we've seen,
Death is just another part of us that is hidden.
So let us just let it go and find out what it really is.
Just hope that it doesn't come to soon.
I have more left to do and more people to help.
Just need more time to understand everything.
Wonder if kids will ever learn what we have learned?

by philip teed

Comments (3)

Nice poem. I don't know if Death is exactly sweet and nice but it's going to happen to he best of us and all of us...As you know.
That one thing is not within the reach. If all those who have experienced death decide to return, the earth might dissolve itself failing to bear the burden. Its a wonderful perception on death.
A little bit of a thinker with those last words. Makes me realize something. Very good and straight to the mind...effective poem......