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Death Amoung All-Song
LTD (1/24/1992 / Cortez)

Death Amoung All-Song

Poem By live to die

Cilvlavation is dying
no way to stop it
so just kill the sorce

watch the blood from
there vein's the pool of blood
get bigger from everyone you kill
wipe the blood off of your blade

As the pool gets bigger and bigger
your thrist causes you to kill the
closet one to you put there head on a
stake to remember the memorys

Draws in hatred to everyone who
was always against you slit there
throats watch the blood pour out
release your anger on the living

As the pile gets bigger and bigger
look how insane you are
then give forgiveness to your closet
friend and wish they where back
to live in your glory and laugh it away

dedicated to Faith

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silver eyes white hair a moon glow and silk may sound like a work of art but anything can be stained with blood could you let somebody you care about be stained