If You Think

If you think
You have a dream
Let it come true,
Everything you work at hard
Soon will become you;
That's the purpose of it all,
Trying to see things through.
Taking the right step,
Into the right direction,
That's sometimes hard to do;
But you learn on your way,
What you can't
And what you may,
Where to stop
And where to start,
Where to put yourself and heart.
Everybody has a scheme,
A little knoll or a big and tall;
That's the purpose of it all,
Where to go and what to say.

by Peter S. Quinn

Comments (1)

I see and feel the beauty of the bloody truth, yet the subect itself, may escape me. There may be truth in the assumption that some Poets do not care if the reader 'guesses correctly, ' the subject/topic of their poem. Some are quite satisfied to cause the reader to postulate, to present ideas, no matter how far off the mark they may be, they did, think. I wish Sylvia would reply to this comment, but I don't 'think, ' she will, but she may smile quietly, forvever.