The Fight Against Corruption

The country cannot bear it anymore;
The vice has gained in-roads to every sphere;
Corruption rules the roost in daily life;
The weed has grown much better than good plants!

The common man’s the most affected one;
Corruption stays in forms, guises galore;
Taxes are worse and thanks to corruption;
No one is happy with the pay he gets!

Cheating has turned to be the way of life;
Stealing is not a crime for corrupted;
Corruption is the prime cause for price-rise;
The big cheats thrive despite the stricter laws.

Progress has been stifled by corruption;
The hand is used to get bribes all life-time;
The tongue speaks lies with ease and variety;
The time has come to root out corruption.

But who will fight this social evil great?
The few who try are not perfect at all;
The honest ones who try don’t make headway;
The beast is live and loitering afree!

The shark no longer stays in deeper seas;
The ice-berg’s tip can’t be made out these days;
The roots are stronger, gone too far and wide;
The habit’s now second nature of man!

No nation can go on in this fashion;
The good that’s done is undone by this bad!
A popular uprising is the answer;
But good leaders are not an easy find!

Fasting is not the way of doing things;
Violence only begets violence with time;
A lot of patience is needed to fight;
Unite must souls, hearts, minds to curb menace.

Real progress comes if corruption’s less;
Most people are fed up with how things are;
A renaissance must soon stem this vice fast;
Just righteousness can win over evils!

’Tis time to fight corruption in all ways;
Perseverance will tilt the balance soon;
A lot of sacrifice is essential;
The victory is a priceless gift to man!

Fondly dedicated to ‘Anna Hazare’, Indian freedom-fighter
Copyright by Dr John Celes 10-06-11

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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