Death At 0000 Hours

Poem By Seemeen Khan Yousufzai

And they say there is peace in Death,
Yet, in the same breath, is a fear of Death,
And if there really be peace in Death,
Then, why do we endlessly dread you, Death?

If the end of all ends be in Death,
Why do we feel a new beginning in Death?
There is, in the graveyard, a lurking stillness of Death,
Is not that Silence heralding a storm following Death?

A treacherous thief they call you, Death,
Though, honest to your promise you are, Death.
Blamed you are for you cleverly catch them off-guard,
In this game of hide-and-seek, forever, taking the crown, Death.
Faultless you are, simply, skillful like the smoothness of sward
While varying your guise as a shape-shifting transporter, Death.

Oh hush…! They know not that you are but just an usher,
Escorting them to their seats, buckling for a climax on a roller-coaster,
An apocalyptic ride of utter cataclysms that follow you, Death.

Comments about Death At 0000 Hours

fear of Death, peace in Death, a new beginning in Death? stillness of Death, storm following Death? taking the crown, Death. buckling for a climax on a roller-coaster these are very fine expressions i collected after reading your poem. I simply fell in love with your poem. Thank you dear poetess. tony
A profound piece of writing. Death is terrifying to some, to some it might be relief. Well penned.

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