Death Can'T Touch A Memory

Death can't touch a memory,
Can't chisel it from one's heart,
As far as I am concerned,
You and I never did part,

by Vallerie Lobell Click to read full poem

Comments about Death Can'T Touch A Memory

Harry Couchon Jr 06 May 2008 06:24
Valerie I've writen poems about the death of my daughter this piece could have come from my own heart. Losing a loved one is a beginning as well as an end as long as they live in your heart they will forever be alive thank you for giving me a new viewpoint on the greatest tragedy that any human can endure Harry
James B. Earley 15 Mar 2008 11:50
A precious title my friend. Thanks for sharing such a special part of your life. Please read my poem 'Is Not Perception Reality.'
heartfelt poem.........
Jemarie Ragudo 10 Nov 2007 07:39
A well-accepted fact of life - that in our memory, death has no hold. Excellent work of art!
Rommel Filoteo 18 Oct 2007 05:23
Nicely penned. I'm really touch by your poem, memories doesn't fade it always stay in our heart forever.... thanks for sharing!
Sandra Fowler 17 Mar 2007 03:04
I agree with you. Memories live forever in the landscapes of the mind. Beautiful poem. Ten from me. Warm regards, Sandra
Ted Sheridan 17 Mar 2007 09:26
There is an old song by the New York Dolls called 'You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory' Your poem clears that all up for me...