Death, Death And Death

I see the death everyday
Death in relations
Death in religion and faith
Death of man in man
Everyday, everywhere, every moment
Death, death and death.

I experience the death around me
Millions and billions of ceremonies
The smoke on maps of mankind
Death in temple and streets
Death in clubs and parties
Death, death and death.

I foresee the death of humanity
Harassment, discrimination and hatred
Death in purity and sacredness
Death in broken mirrors and home
Death in king, death in masses
Death, death and death.

by abhimanyu kumar.s

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Yes poet, death in various, but death is uncertain.thanks a lot.
i was looking at pandas how i get here
The bitter reality of this era has been penned down in such a touching way! Now a days, what we see if a person is dying, the other person takes more interest in shooting the video and putting on social media.What is this? Death of humainty, indeed! The caring and loving nature of a human being differentiates him from an animal, otherwise he is mere an animal! Regards Hira☺
this poem is absoulutly amazing i think its great i want to hang it on my bed and sleep with it. im not weird you are why are you reading my comment yeah i have a point you suck stop reading this but i know you wont so heres my story........ ok well thats it get back up there and read the poem stop reading about you lazy piglet. you just got a complement i didnt call you old i called you a fat piglet lol :) ........ burn! ! ! ! get burnt. BOOM i got all the burns. btw its a great poem.
this poem is lit dude............
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