JJ (1995 / Charlotte nc)

Death Falls Upon A Wondering Soul

As death falls upon my soul
The tears I've cried begin to take their toll
Where I am heading the dirt is dark as coal
It is hard everyday to keep my self control

How many more days must I cry
While I scream 'why oh why'
How much longer must I try
To face my peers with a dry eye

I cannot live in a world as cold as this
Especially if I have to live without a lovers kiss
After my death I don't know if people will miss
How my feeling always Felt were lost in a abyass

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Comments (2)

certainly a lover will kiss u.........the day is very near......... a beautiful write.
I felt that here your soul searching only touches the surface of sadness... like many poems I've read...go deeper... find that place which describes your pain and zoom on it... that would make your poem unique...