BTL ( / Danang, Vietnam)

Death From The Undead

When you know for so sure that you will die
You feel so calm to watch the people you loved live
And for once if a person does not understand
What it really feels like to hold nothing in your hand
And when you are so sure that you will not live
It doesn't struck you like a thunder, it's like you knew it already

It slowly, hunts you down, making sure that you will not panic
It's like a soft flash of light and you dream of being in somewhere else better than where you are now
You are so sure of the death yet you have no intention to scream
Or so you did but nobody could hear you
Or did they ignore you?

You would feel so calm
You would tell your kid the last bead time story
You would close your eyes
And that came the end of everything that are holding you back from thee.

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