JC (11June 1940 / Binghamton, New York)

Death Has To Wait

Death Has To Wait

Somebody save me, my thoughts are twirling,
The ground is spinning, the ceiling whirling.
If you look through these kaleidoscope eyes,
All you'd see is colors and lies.

Can't concentrate, my mind whirls so fast,
Thoughts unfocused, can't remember my last.
I have to get out of here, have to get sane,
I have a need to feel some pain.

The turmoil is here, I don't know how to hold on.
My biggest stronghold is my biggest fear,
All this turmoil must now cease, begone
I pray to God he doesn't leave me here.

These ups and downs are killing me,
More so than you could even see.
Others can bounce back, get right back,
Not me, I plummet, down losing track

My grip is slipping, can't keep doing this.
I need a rope, not an anchor.
I think I left it somewhere, that's clear
Because it's sure not, with me, here.

How do I tell people what is going on?
Normally I bury it in the great beyond.
Surely I'm not so secluded, can't they see my fears?
I can't be this good at swallowing all my tears.

I present a pleasant facade, color to all.
But its all a lie... the peace isn't mine.
I'm, here spinning out of control.
Someone please grab me, I'm starting to fall

It's my duty, I can't leave just yet.

Jim 1986

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James, very well done. I hope your PTSD is now under control and that your family is still together. Congratulations on having this poem selected as poem of the day. Best wishes to you.
Lovely rhyme and rhythm...
It's not yet hold on and to it. Nice poem
The symptom of imbalance leading to death one day is very well depicted in this poem!
Well done for getting it down into a poem, James. I'm sure many will relate to your feelings.
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