'Death In Love'

Poem By Babatunde Drelick

My like a river it flows
I stood by the bank thinking about my foes. 
I saw my children grow and my wife with me she stood. 
       We thought about the life we lived and how death smiled crying to us from afar
We knew we didn't want to die for we wanted to live more so we cursed the heavens and the earth for creating us and making us to go apart. 
  From far our children came. Gay they were and the eldest of them asked. 'O father why ye sad' and I replied saying unto him 'O child life is at war with me'

The next day my father dead he was my mother outstretched by his side for joyful they died hoping they will meet again

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joyful death, good write. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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