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Death In Union City
YSV ( / Wales, UK)

Death In Union City

If everything you hide, you said,
Meant nothing,
Open wide-
Admit the truth,
Accept the consequences.
I only hear the voices in my head,
So I don’t catch your vague mistakes
And empty promises.

Staring at your reflection,
I tear myself away from reaching out,
Expand my lungs to scream your name…
The emptiness of holding stone again.

Rejoice- when I take your life again,
Reborn- another chance to all pretend.
Control- your voice is buried in my head,
Deceit- this everlasting love is dead.

“Your life was wasted on me” she said,
“Don’t save a seat beside your golden throne.”
Overthrown- the tyrant
Drowned in gold,
And now silence reigns supreme…
I miss the voice of my queen.

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