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Death Is Coming
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Death Is Coming

Death will come to us one an all
Maybe in the springtime or even in the fall
Or even in the summertime or maybe the winter
But, whom knows when death might enter.
Death might come in the wink of the eye
Before we start a laugh or a tear to cry
Or maybe it will arrive just after a fight
Or will it come in the daytime, instead of night.
Will it come before we say forgive me please
But, no-one knows when that time might be
Maybe it will will come after we had sinned
Then we'll lose our soul before it we could mend.
Death will come and when it does we won't know
Maybe it will be tomorrow, when we say hello
Or maybe it will be later on tonight
When we are to tired to argue and to tired to fight.
Could it come before we say a prayer
As for our soul and salvation it doesn't care
All that I know death is coming for me
As it is death and not I, whom controls my destiny.

Randy L. McClave

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