Death Is Just A Release (Excerpt: From Sermon)

Death is not a demise
But a Release.
A release from this life
Into Eternity.
Its a transformation.
Trading living
From the world of External.
To living
From the Spiritual Internal
In the Land of Eternity.
And as any good child
Who hears the call of their Father.
Calling and bidding them
To come home.
Obedience from the spirit
Enters the soul
And orders the release
Of this life of scrimmage.
To an abundant life
Of heavenly chores.
We will sing a song
That the angels cannot sing.

Let nobody grow weary
Let nobody sit and cry.
For even when it is God's will to call
And mine to answer
I will not be dead.
This will not be my demise
I've just been released.
I will be released
From the prison walls
Of this creamy life.
To live everlasting
In the boundless rooms
Of God's eternal glory.
An eternal glory
That reaches from earth to heaven
And some glad morning
Some glad morning when this life is over.
I'll fly away.
I'll fly away.
I shall leap
From the mundane shores
Of this world to keep a Divine appointment
With our Heavenly and Divine Master.
The quest of this pre-destined transition
Shall reach into the elements of time
And eradicate life's despondencies
That I may enter
The spiritual dimensions of eternity.

Some say farewell
Some say goodbye.
But death for me
Is where ones conscious
Meets the spirit
That the soul be apprehended.
I made this parallel agreement
With that great writer Timothy.
For I am now ready to be offered,
And the time of my departure
Is at hand.
I have fought a good fight,
I have finished my course,
I have kept the faith:
Henceforth there is laid up for me
A crown of righteousness,
Which the Lord,
The righteous judge,
Shall give me at that day:
Not to me only,
But unto all them also
That love His appearing.

Let the record show,
That I loved God
And that I loved my fellowman.
Let the record show,
I spoke God's Word;
Blessed to speak them
Through my mouth.
Let the record show,
I sung songs to His glory;
Blessed to sing them
Through these lips.
Let the record show,
I played His music;
Blessed to play His music
With my own hands.
Let the record show,
That I wrote poetry.
And from the inkwells of God
He dipped His pen
Of love in my heart;
And has written my soul messages
He wanted me to know.
So that His poeple would be encouraged.
I was blessed
That the words were transferred
From Him......
Through my spirit into my mind.
And as my soul rejoices
And my soul doth rejoice,
Tis done, all is done
And all has been done.
To glorify Him
Which is in heaven.

For when death shall come
By the day of His choice
It shall be Just My Release.
I'll be released....
No more heartaches
I'll be released...
And no more pain.
I'll be released...
No more sickness
I'll be released...
And no more diappointments...
I'll be released..
For we're going to a land
Where we'll never grow old.
Have you heard of that land?

You see, ....
My grandmama and my granddaddy told me...
And Now, I know
I know it for myself....
I've heard of a land
On a far away strand..
They told me
It was a beautiful home for the soul.
Built by Jesus on high..
And over there.....
We never..
We never shall die.
They said it was a land....
Where we'll never grow old.
But in this land....
We're growing old right now...
And in this land
There is so much sorrow.
But in that land....
There will be no more sorrow.
In this land....
There is so much death
Death from sicknesses
Death from diseases..
Death caused by the sinfulness of this world.
Death from despair.
But in that land
God is going to swallow up death.
And there will be no more death.
In this land....
We have to cry sometimes....
We lay awake at night.
Sometimes we have to swallow hard
Trying to fight and hold back bitter tears...
But in that land...
In that land....
Oh! But in that land
God is gonna wipe
All tears from our eyes.

Mothers, God will take
His great big handkerchief of Comfort.
And say, I've seen you crying
From heart to heart....
Over in the midnight hour..
Wondering sometimes
What the next day will bring,
And if everything was going
To be alright.
Yes, Mother, .....
Everything...its going to be alright.

Fathers, God will take His handkerchief of Hope
And say, Fathers
I watched you work
Day in and day out.
Stretching what little you had
Trying to make ends meet.
Sometimes living hardly
And sometimes hardly living.
Nobody knows how hard it was
Nobody but you and the Lord.
I want you to know that your labour
Has not been in vain.
And everything..
Is going to be alright.

So often times christian hearted men and women
Of our communities, band together
Reaching out.....
Trying to help somebody.
A man I was blessed to meet
By the name of Dr.Herbert W. Brewster
said, If I can help sombody
As I pass along
If I can help sombody
With a word or a song
Then my living
My little ole living....
My living.....
Shall not.....
Shall not be in vain.

Sometimes we try helping somebody else
And we reach beyond the break....
But because of situations our hearts
Are made to bleed and need encouragment, too.
Some of our children are suffering
Some of them are from broken homes
Some already have broken hearts
And don't know which way to turn..
But fear not little children..
For all of your hope...
All of your in Jesus.
Give your life to the Lord...
I'm a living witness
That He won't leave you..
Neither will he forsaken you.
Trust in the Lord
With all thine heart
And lean not to thy own understanding.
Call upon Him day and night
Live for Him
And He will... live in you.

And until the Lord calls us home
Rest in His Will.
Learn how to rest...
We need to just rest.
Stop being so upset...
Stop being disturbed..
Stop letting the world get your attention...
Stop loosing your focus..
For God has your every situation in panaramic view..
Get down on your knees and pray.
So you can rest in His arms...
For you ought to lean
On the everlasting arms.
Are you leaning, today
On the everlasting arms?
Are you safe..
Leaning on the everlasting arms
Do you feel secure..
Leaning on the everlasting arms
From this worlds unrest?
Are you safe and secure
From all the things of this life
That can cause you to become alarmed?
Are you leaning....
Leaning on the everlasting arms?
Live now...
Live God can use you.
So when that final day shall come
You'll hear the voice of our Savior
Saying, My Servant and My Friend,
My Servant, Welcome Home.
For death is not a demise
But a release from the walls
Of this life, as we know it
To a life free from despair.
A life free from the chaos
And confusion caused by the sins
Of this world.
Will you meet me there?
Will You meet me there?

In this land...
We are tossed
And we are driven
On this restless sea of time.
Sombre skies and howling tempest
Often succeed......
What would be a bright sunshine.
But in that land
In that land...
In that land of perfect day
When what was in the midst
Troubles and trials
Have rolled away....
Pain and depair
Have rolled away....
Desolation and discomfort
Have rolled away...
Death has been rolled back
Like a bad thunderstorm.
For weeping may endure for a night
But Joy....
Sweet Joy!
Cometh in the morning..
When the midst...
Have all rolled away.
We will understand it
And we will understand it better
By and by.
For Death Is Not A Demise
But A Release.

by Cecelia Weir

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