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Death Is My Friend

Death is my friend.

We lie together on the ocean blown sand.
He is my gentle guide and saint.
He's rocked in my arms, and burrowed in my heart.
I found him playing in my crade, when I was just born.

Death is so loved by me,
Even his non-living ways.
As living as I may be,
Death has seen life and death.
Because I have death glam,
My friend looks sweet.
I lie underneath the apple tree with a heart beating
with gladness.

With one whose heartbeat doesn't exist.
But now I must stand up and leave him be,
So I walk in the opposite direction.

Death is a sweet friend,
But I'd rather meet him one day
Far in a distant time,
Then he'll be mine, a friend close to me.
Then I'll be just like him,
Hand in hand, this time matching eath other

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Comments (13)

Why are you thinking about death? Live my friend. Well expressed.
Colorfully written on a tricky subject of friendship with death.
Verily, death is a sweet friend, and it accompanies us every second, though it is in ambiguity.
i believe in a life after death although skeptics and non-believers question my faith. i am a firm believer in a life after death. heaven is much more pleasant and joyful. it is my conviction. so those who believe like that, will never be afraid of death. death in itself is only a passing stage. thank you very much for this poem full of insight.
A very beautiful work...Death is our companion, so we need not fear. Again, so well done.
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