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Death Is Near
DG (November 21,1985 - July 29,2037 / Escanaba)

Death Is Near

Poem By Derek Germain

Death is near.
I can hear him creeping around,
every corner.
Death is near, soon I will be buried under the frozen Ground.

Death is keeps trying,
to kill me and will not rest until I am dying.
Death is near,
But I have no Fear.

I want to die,
and I want to be under that Frozen Ground.
For Love is no longer Found.
So come to me Death, and let me Die

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Comments (1)

This picture of course is very sad and bleak, I think one should give this world a chance first. Death will come soon enough when God is ready to move you over to the other side. It's strange really, so many of us refer to death as an ending, it's over, that's just not so. Death is also a beginning, it's the beginning of everlasting life. It is very important to remember, we will find death and move on to an everlasting life, only when God is ready.--Very good poem--Melvina