Death Is Not An Option, But It Is Compulsory

It is not our choice to die or To live, but It is God's anytime... We only come to this world Simply because It is God's choice... Death is totally inevitable, but Some of us try to avoid it anyway... We only come to fulfill a certain message Through our deeds, Good or bad anytime, anywhere, and Even everywhere... Everyone is fully responsible of what He does or she does through one's deeds Until one passes away in time... Our deeds always matter Simply because they reflect Our whole life until we will be In that promised Day of Judgement... Our whole life starts from one's birth Into one's death and so on... Death is not our choice, but It is compulsory... Our deeds are totally our choice, so We will be responsible for them Later on... As long as inevitable things are not avoided, then Why some try to walk through those zigzag ways? ! ______________________________________________________________________


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