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Death Is Only.....
TC (May 22,1988 / Kansas CIty, Mo)

Death Is Only.....

Death is only the beginning
It is the start of all creation
Death is only the end
It is mankinds damnation.

Death is only your friend
The only one you can count on
Death is only a bully
The only one you can't beat on

No matter how you look at it
Death is only death.

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Although I don't WRITE poetry I do enjoy READING good poetry, especially in the structured style. This poem is one of those that appealed to me, on this website. You have balanced the Contrasts well. Yes, death is the end of life, but is also the beginning of another life for the soul. Congratulations on a well-written piece.
Tressa, very well said, Death is only the beginnig of yet the END of life..... BonnieCollins