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Death & Life

As I wake from my unsleep,
Thinking only of the weeks,
I never told or ever showed,
All the problems I behold.

So as I live and breathe and feel,
Never telling of my will,
Instead I hide behind the lie,
Telling everyone I’m fine.

So as I continue conversation,
Moving closer to my damnation,
They never ask, nor ever see,
They do not know what’s wrong with me.

And as I lay down to my sleep,
My head to rest, my soul to weep,
I bring these thoughts into my head,
Then thinking only of my death,

I walk half-blindly to the kitchen,
With knife in hand and fingers twitching,
I curse myself for lacking the courage
To ever tell you,
I’m sorry…

So as I write these words to you,
I first must say that I love you,
The reason why I did not say,
Is that I didn’t want to scare you away,

I apologise for what I said,
I never meant to hurt you,
I understand just how you feel,
I’m sorry that I hurt you.

You’ve told me now to think us through,
You now know that I love you,
But when you said we should end it now,
My heart broke into two.

You told me that I have a future,
And I know for sure it’s true,
But what good would a future be,
Unless it’s one with you.

Well now you know just how you feel,
I want to be with you,
No matter what the circumstances,
I won’t stop loving you.

by Marlon Harvie

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