Death My Greatest Curse

Mighty seer
I come to you for help
I pray you sir, come to my aid
I run to you to seek refuge
From the plague of death

Hurry up sir, shelter me from
the pestilence of death
Make haste sir!
come to my rescue
for death is hunting
me with a spear.

Hurry wise priest
the big black owl
stares at me with
hate, its big sinister
eyes lusting after my soul

Save me Great Healer
from the fangs of the evil serpent
Make me a magical portion
That I become invisible to the
cold lustful eyes of death
Give me a portion to drink, sir
that death may not hack me
in the back

Death, the tireless old wizard is my greatest affliction
Death the mighty grave digger is my greatest curse
Death the silent murderer is
stalking me
Death is sneaking up
behind my back like
a thief with a knife

Oh kind doctor, it is not mortality that i fear
Only the gods live forever
It is Death's cruel treatment
That fear me

In his rage death devours all
His fury knows not the good from the bad
The hangman knows neither beauty nor compassion
In its free fall
death devours all

Oh Wise Diviner
give me your portion that
i may drink and become immune
To the cold stab of death.
Give me your medicine
That it may shield me from
the numbness of death's
hateful embrace
Oh mighty seer,
give me your magical
portion that death's
Gentle touch may not
freeze my soul

Look deep, sir
Look into your ancient bag of tricks, wise priest
Look deep into your ancient books of wisdom
invoke your magical incantations
and prepare for me
Your most potent portion

Hurry great priest
Hurry before death
hangs my soul

hurry wise priest
hurry for death is hunting
me with a spear.

by Henry Isiekwe

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No one is spared with the plague of death..everybody have to trapped today or tomorrow..leaving the cage vacant to decay bird will fly to another nest towards the water and medicine for the death..accept it and be friend that's all thank you