Hide And Seek

There is something for me in your vein
Which you tried to hide over and over again
You tried to show that you don't care
But your heart and eyes always glare
I might be mad for you, but can sense all this
You may seem but I know you miss

by Pradhumn Kumar

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Yet though with slipper I may smite, Your doom I morally deplore... From cellar gloom to stellar space Let bards and beetles have their place. wow kinda makes the death of a cockroach cosmic, best cockroach poem I have ever read :)
Very realistic and experience of all. Optly brought down as a poem.
What drivel! As if you could write a poem about such a revolting, dirty creature. M. Walker.
One of my favorite poets showing his great sense of humor.
A lovely narrative piece, well articulated and penned with conviction.
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