Death Of A Life

Few years back
When I died
On my way to heaven
I asked my guide

Why this life?
Why this birth
And this toil
Why you fume
Why you roil

Sometimes you struggle
Sometimes you cooperate
Sometimes you betray
Sometimes you go astray

You burn your heart
And your soul
From hero to villain
You play each role

Why, I ask my guide to heaven again
As he showed me the Garden of Eden
Mesmerizing scent of the land
Each inch of it, flower laden!

Why, I ask again
We live this life
Only to see it end!
Why this life? !
Why this strife? !

The guide to heaven
Revealed his voice
His charisma!
His poise!

Flowers spread their fragrance
And are crumpled!
Ants build civilizations
And are trampled!

Lovers live to love
And for love, they die
Soldiers die fighting
Never asking why?

None of them realize
The larger game
Where they participate
And you are just the same

Towards the heaven
As you see yourself levitate
Understand your existence
Dissect your fate
See your pyre left behind
See your life consummate!

by Samba Siva Patnaik

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