Death Of A Pessimist

I am but a pessimist with a simple dream
People find this ironic because my thoughts are those of do not redeem
Normally I create an image that is viewed as selfish
But, if we look around the world we live in… is it not hellish?
Those who don’t survive kneel to pray
Those who survive slaughter their kneeling prey
People wonder if I believe in god
And yes is all I can say
When you live in a personal hell
What else is there to think other than at some point god fell
We unite only to show off our money and new ears
And then we part ways for another whole year
I am a pessimist so I do not impress
I am a pessimist I experience the worst stress
I am a woman and I bleed for my sins
I am a woman and I pay for everything because I will bare children
I am victory this is my life
I am victory and I do spew lies
I sit here debating this pain
I sit here and manage everyone’s shame
I am a pessimist so no I don’t try
But, I am human so death will not pass me by
I am a woman and my grandmother fought for these rights
I am what went wrong in my life
Is there just one word I can say to redeem my soul?
Is there just some way of riding my foes?
I have seen heaven it’s the break of day
I have seen hell in fact I lived that hated place
I am human I have to endure pain
But, I am a woman so I will do it in vain
This is my life and my dreams are always of the simplest kind
The death of a pessimist will be the news people spread today
Because, in this life a pessimist woman can not survive

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I liked the whole poem, apart from the ending Victoria.. Because I wanted to see the pesimisstic woman showing off her strenght and survive against all odds.. As you can see I'm an optimist but on the other hand no one can guarantee that I will survive. HBH