Death Of A Poet

Death of a Poet 

Im a victim of false reality 
It raped my dreams and murdered my sanity created apathy they mistake for vanity from the outside of  humanity i watch the calamity 
Im the calm before the  storm and it's eye I destroy what needs to b rebuilt kill for new life I embrace the dark to lead others to the light
I deface the stereotype Erase their status quo because I know what I am or at least I think so but one thing is for sure and that is I am not them him I am me I'm not selling my soul but i hope they buy into what i speak
Defiant not reliant on anything other than the air I breath the thoughts i think and the music that makes me feel free and I let freedom ring but no one hears it their fears keep them earless and my voice loses it's sincereness 
And my appearance becomes a disappearance  

by Bron Dayvid

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A well penned and poignant write! Thanks for sharing! Keep it up! 10+++ Love and Peace for always! ...