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Death Of A Soul Mate; Death Of The Girl
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Death Of A Soul Mate; Death Of The Girl

Her hero's gone away,
Will he come back another day?
She could not say.

She let her soul mate run away,
And something inside of her died.
'Now I don't want to come out and play',
The little girl cried.

Left all alone in such a big world,
He is not there to protect her,
No longer will he make her feel safe
In his warm embrace.

He used to love her but things have changed,
The girl is alone.
She let her soul mate escape,
Her insides hollow, the girl is left opaque.

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Comments (3)

i like the poem it is a very good poem overall
Aww! thank you, i really do appriciate your comments, it means a lot to me that people are spending the time to read my poems and give their opinions.
very very very good maybe you best one