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Death Of A Union Man
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Death Of A Union Man

The dust blossoms from grass roots
The river in the arm of the town a healthy vein
Wind at night in the elephant grass and spider on the wall

Strength under torture – one or two man cell
Does it matter how he died in the hands of the State
Is this so far from a sleepy peasant town?

Not as distant as the stars are to the village night
But as vivid as they are, to the ones allowed to know
Soft wind – full moon – palm trees
Night of day making a mockery
Donkey road – tin can street –
Cans on rough grass –
Static – airwaves – faint hurried news:
Death of a Union man

We remain in times of plenty
With faith in history while riot stories grow
Confusing a simple hope
Confounding the politics of luxury

The warm winter nights caress terribly
Like a woman on the edge of birth
The river bears strengths useless to me
But sustaining for us all
Like you, overcoming the cruelty by shadows.

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