Death Of An Innocent (Part 2)

Poem By Lenore Lee

'I went to a party mum,
I know what you'd say.
You'd say not to drink mum,
But I drank anyway.

I felt sick inside mum,
As I knew I would.
I didn't catch the bus mum,
As I definitely should.

I pulled into the road mum,
I felt dizzy in my head.
I didn't see her coming mum,
And now she's probably dead.

I saw her bleeding on the road mum,
But I got up okay.
I kept saying ‘I'm sorry' mum,
What else could I say?

I saw her leave this world mum,
And I wished that I were dead.
I was wracked with guilt mum,
I wish it were me instead.

Now I'm off to gaol mum,
Though I think that's only fair.
Manslaughter and drink driving mum,
No crime could compare.

I wanted you to know mum,
That I didn't think.
I'm so sorry mum,
I wish I didn't drink.

I have one last question mum,
Before we say goodbye.
I was the one to drink and drive,
So why did she have to die? '

* I didn't write the original ‘Death of an Innocent'. It is a poem from the girl who dies in this poem's perspective. No one is completely sure of the author, but Eugina Depasse claims she wrote it.

I read the original poem and it got me to thinking that although it is a horrendous thing for an innocent to die, what of the killer? Surely he/she would feel tremendously guilty? You can't always make someone a villan, there are many sides to a person.

Comments about Death Of An Innocent (Part 2)

A sad, touching and well illustrated story that really captures the. reader's a immediate attention. I like its rhyming pattern? Thank you for sharing and your valuabe comments on my poems. God Bless You! Romeo-NYC
The best brief tragic story I've ever heard. With huge vista of themes such as love and death and also regret....+10
Emotional and imaginative, it'd be a great story full of imaginative thinking, and you chose the words that suits your point of view in addition to beautiful imagination. perfect as always :) Go on you're tremendous.
the guilty conscience, the intense sense of sin, above all the conflict within are prevailing in the poem.
it sends some shivers... deep n touchig

5 out of 5
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