Death Of Love

For the past one month,
There is no sun rise in my SKY
For the past one week,
There is no breathing in my heart
Why all these and what for?
Cause she told me to
marry another girl in my life
What wrong with me? and
Why she told me in such a way?
Cause she is not belonging my caste
Yes. She is from a down trodden community
Whats wrong in it?
The olden, rotten creatures told
it is crime against Him and rituals.
Both we got married with ever paining hearts
But she dead at a sudden cause
her guilt has killed her peace and life
Not to cross on the life of lovers.


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You have such a wonderful way with words, I would truely hope this poem isn't as it reads because it is so sad to have a love and lose it. Lesley Peace and love xx