Death Of My Father

The day Dad died, I cried
I cried for me, for my loss
For I would never see him again alive

Why me? Why my family?
They took me away when he passed away
Bought me back to say good-bye
Bugger, I didn't want to say good-bye
I wanted him to come alive

Oh, Dad, don't leave
I have so much I wanted to say, so much I wanted to do
So much I wanted you to see
Be proud of me!

I love you like no other for you are my inspiration
My heart's desire
Why did they put you in that fire?
I cried, oh so deep inside

Now after twenty-five years I still weep
For he was my knight; his power, his presence, his touch, his hug
Why all gone?

As i sit here pondering what might have been
I stop and think, 'What about him? '
He had pain throughout his life
Yet did he fight, you bet he did
He jousted, he loved, and he soldiered on with every last breath

My father, my hero, my knight
The one that kissed me good night
Now it's time for me to kiss you good night,
Finally after twenty-five years, I can
Knowing you never really left me
You're in my heart and always will be

Father, oh, Father, the pain remains
But it's not the same

When I think of you, I smile
I remember the times together, laughter, joy
Your passion in doing what was right
In my eyes, you will always be my mentor
Yes, my knight shining ever so bright

Guide me, oh, Father, through this life
If I can have half the courage you showed
When you came home to die
Be half the man you were

I am so truly proud to be called you son and you my father
Forever loving, forever caring
Your everlasting youngest son

God bless you, oh, wise one
Good night, good night, sleep tight, my father
Until we meet again!

by Craig Piercy

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