Death Oh Death!

Poem By seema t.v

Dark and cold,
with a stinging breath,
You Come and go
Picking friends and foe

I was told
You''re no too bold,
Taking away
The Young and old

As you come
Like a rotten plum,
You only take
Leaving others to ache

Taking lives
You leave no survives,
For you''re so cruel
With your exclusionary rule

U hide in dark
Making your mark,
You nasty death,
Wrapped in flowery wreath

Comments about Death Oh Death!

this is one nice poem
Awesome poem ^^ greeting alex
You have a great taste, which is the reason for your beautiful timeless poems. Writing poems such as this takes skill, and it is quite clear you have got it. However, the content should be pondered upon a little more before it was to be put into writing. Well, I must say death isn't always cruel, it's how one perceives it! Anyway great poetry. I still think your poem entitled 'Thank You! God', is the one I like best. All the best! ! !
your poem show's the true side of death i don't denie that. but death takes the most tsrongest pain away from those that do leave us though we don't want them to. so death does leave pain behind but give ever lasting life as well. great poem keep it up.
Beautiful poem Seema. U really told it how death comes and takes our loved ones and leaves us ina total grief. Good one. Sincerely, Arsiema

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