Death On The Seashore (A Re-Post)

Poem By Sonya Florentino

The waves lap against me
Gently, carressingly
Like a lover beckoning me
To lie in his arms
To dance with the rhythm of the sea

But I feel not the caress
And know not of love
For it is in death that I wake up
And in death that I sleep

© 2009 Sonya Florentino

Comments about Death On The Seashore (A Re-Post)

I'm glad that you resurrected this because it's lovely. Nobody can make me fall in love with poetry over and over again in quite the same way that you are able to do it..(smile)
Sad, sobering, but beautiful. A really great poem, N
So powerful, Sonya. I admire your works. This one, however, feels so tragic, and hopeless. Then again, I imagine many of us have been there (or ARE there) , but to put such pain into words is truly brave - I use code! ;) I don't think I have the courage you do to be so honest. Wonderfully melodic.
This poem disappeared and I'm re-posting it, together with the original comments below: Date & Time: 2/15/2009 4: 03: 00 AM Poem: 15625374 - Death on the Seashore Member: Anita Atina Comment: Lyrical, and surprising twist to this sad tale
Re-posting comment: Date & Time: 2/9/2009 8: 53: 00 PM Poem: 15625374 - Death on the Seashore Member: Mifael Llauderes Comment: remember the butterfly; before it is, it was a worm.

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