Death Part Deux

Poem By Daniel Oliveira

Shall I walk again?
Dragging bloodless viscera that follow my decrepit steps
Burning for the bowels of the earth
Hoping for an innervating chance
At some decayed form of life
Shall I walk from my red grave?
Farewell to a hollow tomb?
Excavating thoughts of torture
Teasing me to feel
Unsettling my dustless age
Shall I gasp for air again?
Be written again in pages and obituaries
Fantasize another horror story
Or shall I deepen my eyes
Between the dark and darker dirt?
Rest an angel's rest
Inside my coffin home?
Track the world
Carrying my severed soul
; The sweet music of life not too
Enticing for an engraved ghoul
More, I desire the ghastly hymn
The silence sings so dissonant
Pure, delightful
A song only death can bring to life
To light

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