Death's Divide (1)

When sin lay bear the devil’s plan
When shame gave birth to lies
Death’s dawn came first to mortal man
At Adam’s sad demise

From death, no flesh and bone can hide
This fact we all must learn
Before the great and last divide
The point of no return

Walking the earth with all our flaws
We curse, or bless in prayer
Then leave this life for different shores
The Lord alone knows where

Division leads to separate ways
A parting of the whole
The point from where eternal days
Will reach and take the soul

To run or hide, there’s no way out
There’s no escape from God
No good to cry nor rage and shout
When then we feel the rod

Man’s death is but a one-way door
That leads to somewhere new
To where in Christ we’re heading for
Or where in sin we’re due

Yet scoffers say, “It’s all to scare;
There’s no one judging me!
The grave has nothing more to share
In death at last we’re free”

Be wise, poor soul in darkness caught
Blind lost in deep despair
Believe in God, In Christ’s report
Cast off the devil’s snare…

by Michael P. Johnson

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