Death's Embrace

Poem By Angel of Darkness

the night seemed empty, as she started to dance,
a rhythemless waltz, she had not a chance.
she felt something hold her, leading her way,
guiding her blindly, she hoped it would stay.
as they danced, it drew her near,
she had no thoughts, she saw no fear.

as she danced the following night,
she felt it come closer, holding her tight.
the dance never ended, it kept drawing her in,
held by emotion, fed by her sin.
the creature came closer, led by her touch,
she couldn't let go, she loved it so much.

the final night when she started to dance,
she saw no fear, but had no chance.
the creature moved in and it touched her skin,
she couldn't believe how alone she had been.
she refused to let go, and so lost her grace,
when she found her way, in deaths embrace.

Comments about Death's Embrace

again... i love it..... ++++10... your good.
A.O.D. , I would have wished a better beginning, I would have wished a better end , ... but better said, could not have happened. B.V.A.

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