Death's Messenger

I've kissed the lips of Death's Messenger
And been given my place in line -
So in a world where each child is a star,
This star will no longer shine.

Death's Messenger held out his hands to me
And he was one I could not resist -
So now I wait till my number is called,
And this life that I've lived will desist.

I live for love, and peace and faith
And helping others to climb -
For I have a purpose here on this earth,
That lets me live on borrowed time.

My purpose here has been to share
The lessons I've learned in life -
To help others to share and to hope.
And teach them to cope with strife.

This life has made me a special breed
With so much knowledge to give -
And I'll share that knowlege with you now,
For as long as I might live.

When I'm gone, remember me fondly
And love the person I helped you be -
Then somewhere down this road of life,
Reach out, that another may see.

And pass along the good, my friend
That's been passed on to you -
For there will be a part of me,
In the lives you touch and the things you do.

by Charise M. Thompson

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