Death’s Resemblance

What is death in your mind?
Does it resemble kind?
Is it time which were bad?
Does it resemble the face of sad?
Is it things of nothing?
Does it resemble nothing?

© Jordan Simon

by Jordan Simon

Comments (3)

JORDAN, like the way your using these words...nice poem
there is a season 4 everything, you are still in spring. you'll be in the summer of your life, when you're 40, and after that you'll 'fall, ' into the wonderful winter of your life, and find yourself sharing... your poetic sunshine with your old spouse & young grandchildren, who'll have the smell of fresh 'milk' still on their breathe, until you're 105 yrs old. Tomorrow, has my name on it-that's life! ! ! when one worries about the wrong thang yesterday... today doesn't do, what it had planned to do poetically...tomorrow. KEEP WRITING.
The message expressed is valid. I like this piece for it acutally makes me think and ponder on what it does mean to me. Good write. Rosemary