A Nursery Darling

A Mother's breast:
Safe refuge from her childish fears,
From childish troubles, childish tears,
Mists that enshroud her dawning years!
see how in sleep she seems to sing
A voiceless psalm--an offering
Raised, to the glory of her King
In Love: for Love is Rest.

A Darling's kiss:
Dearest of all the signs that fleet
From lips that lovingly repeat
Again, again, the message sweet!
Full to the brim with girlish glee,
A child, a very child is she,
Whose dream of heaven is still to be
At Home: for Home is Bliss.

by Lewis Carroll

Comments (3)

JORDAN, like the way your using these words...nice poem
there is a season 4 everything, you are still in spring. you'll be in the summer of your life, when you're 40, and after that you'll 'fall, ' into the wonderful winter of your life, and find yourself sharing... your poetic sunshine with your old spouse & young grandchildren, who'll have the smell of fresh 'milk' still on their breathe, until you're 105 yrs old. Tomorrow, has my name on it-that's life! ! ! when one worries about the wrong thang yesterday... today doesn't do, what it had planned to do poetically...tomorrow. KEEP WRITING.
The message expressed is valid. I like this piece for it acutally makes me think and ponder on what it does mean to me. Good write. Rosemary