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Death's Way

The time i closed my eyes
i did not know that my slumber would be this long
that i would never open my eyes again.

Now that i cannot see light anymore
i thought that i would see only darkness.

But here stood this Women.
who knew everything i was,
everything i wanted.
She took all the loneliness i felt
Unwanted responsibilities, i Held.

She said, I could leave all this and start again new,
she showed me the path i could Pursue.

It was good in every way u see,
everything in life i wanted,
was there in front of me.

I could'nt resist, so i took the path
not until i went in, that i realized that it was death.

It was too late, to come back from it
It showed my happiness in my life
Even if it was only a bit.

I only wanted to live again once
sadness makes u learn,
as it Comes.
I wanted to take up the responsibilities
that i Lead,
But, nothing can be changed now
I was Dead.

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