= Death = Shall = Equalize = Us = All =

Poem By micheal udenyi

There are as many offenders as are the laws
one for the rich one for the poor
the law is an ass that's been messed by flaws
but death shall equalize us all

When their cup is full to overflow
and their evils unguarded go
they live to die and in ressurrection overgrow
but death shall remedy all their woe

When two play one must loose
life or death each one must choose
all must die all must cruise
but death in life in love must fuse

Let the criminal that decree against crime
die painfully, yes die for a long time
the good die young, yes in their prime
but time cannot heal, no not in time

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There are as many offenders as are the laws one for the rich one for the poor.. unequalites always... lovely poem dear....10

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