Death Should Fear A Child

Born not long long ago
Gathered some years
Through blessings of days and months
As if given on loans
Needed redemption soon
On an agreement ambiguous
Terms of which never spelt out to us
It was a stately affair
Leases made defying all fair
Whom to give how long
Decided much before our perception of a thing
A child is as good as God
So goes the dictum is not odd
Then why does death defy the almighty
Assuming himself as if formidable and lofty
Oh death be not merciless to a bud
Unto a flower not yet blossomed
Slender arms, flower-face and cherubic smiles
Don't you see where in God dwells not for a while?
Fear God fear child
For God is child and child is God
In such faith lives this world
Without… you are nothing but a void


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