Death - Tears Are Not Enough

A man demanding white supremacy stands with a gun
Church goers cower as bullets speak their evil done
A grand-mother, coach and preacher breathe their last
Tears are not enough surely the day of the gun has past
Time to honour the dead again as their President calls
How many times should this happen in freedom’s halls?

© Paul Warren Poetry

by Paul Warren

Comments (3)

Back in the day, I knew several people who had guns and still guns here are not illegal but one must hold a license to own one. I prefer not to have guns in my home but I must say with the horror that is going on now, one might think they need such as protection. Having said that if someone in your home has mental illness perhaps a gun is not something you want to have readily available...Yeah people kill...Excellent poem Paul.....
Murder in the name of caste colour and creed.Sad but true.Your poem reflects your emotions.thanks for posting
Truly an empathetic poem and, yes, there is a lot of pain in your acknowledgement. Still remember: guns do not kill people. Truly hate kills. Read mine – We The Unencumbered – Adeline