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Death-The Final Ravishment

Someday Death will come knocking on my door,

I hope I will be ready
I've had my bags
packed for a long time,

ever since I was a young monk I've had a love affair
with the Unknown,

now as I grow old-
I feel a thrilling
sense of aliveness dancing
through my bones,

sometimes I wake up wondering-
who was I before I was born?

was my nothingness afraid to take form?

was it curious and excited
to leave the mystery of space
and carry
the wildness of infinity into this tiny shape?

and now
I feel the wakefulness of living on the edge,
in the greatest adventure of all,
the final call,

and yet
some part of me has always known-
death is nothing more
than the child going home.

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Comments (3)

WOW....A stunning write that spoke to my heart. Norah, I also have my bags packed ready to go.... when it is my time.... there is still so much that holds me here on Earth :) Straight to my favorites..............10+
A very novel look at death- most fear death and do not look forward to it even when dying slowly and painfully. Extremely well-written and the Title grabs the attention! I feel a thrilling sense of aliveness dancing through my bones, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -nailed it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
A fascinating idea and a lovely poem. I believe if I am very very good I'll return as a pampered cat! Then I can order Mr Purry about for a change.