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Death The Leveller Lives On

The poet John Shirley was right about death 'tis the great equalizer
It brings the king down to the size of the so called failed provider
Money may keep the wealthy alive just for a few years longer
And though the power of money may be strong the power of death is stronger.

The grim reaper awaits us all his face is never sunny
He never smiles his heart is cold and he can't be bought by money
He's not welcomed by any one and can arrive unexpected
Yet as the master of all life he has to be respected.

Here's to you death you don't differentiate and you are not discriminatory
Since birth of life you've been around and you've outlived history
The life breath from all living things you finally will sever
And you the leveller lives on forever and forever

At this moment the thought of you I must say I am hating
For I know there's no escaping you that for me you are waiting
But take me quick that's all I ask on me don't make it tougher
Don't leave me moaning out for help I do not wish to suffer.

He lives in the most remote place and he lives in the big city
And he remains cold in the face of tears he is not one who pity
'Yes' death the leveller lives on and his face is never sunny
And he is one who can't be bought by the colour of money.

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