'Death To All Humanity'

Everyone lies
Everyone cheats and steals
We are all walking into our own graves
We kill ourselves everyday with stupid beliefs
Why do we let things run our lives
Why do I let things run my life
I am an idiot for the things and people that I have let put me down
I am an idiot for letting the world drink my blood
We say that we are free but we are tied down with chains
Chains that will not let us free, until we have the power over it all
Let go of yourselves, let death take you
There is only one life that is perfect
And that is no life at all

by Brytanne Lee

Comments (2)

Brytanne: Such angst. Oh, to be young again, such a divine treasure. Best, Martin
a powerful and honest narrative expressing deeply felt emotion yet perhaps one day happiness shall walk through ther door or descend from somewhere who know?