Death To Mother Earth

Poem By Paul Michael

Aggression is progression
In an animalistic sense

Are we animals?
Or merely servants

Supporting the agendas
Of leaders not so foreign

Forget the popular vote
Elections are boring

No need for a press conference
You accomplish more with protest

Let the community focus on the bird in the hand
Before it flies away

Take their guns
And tell them they are safe

Take them to a camp
To help them concentrate

Do it all in the name of justice
Where are our civil liberties when we need them?

Tell me again
How Abe Lincoln freed the slaves

This is the system we created
North American free traded

To foreign soil
For foreign oil

More than the price at the pump
Should make our blood boil

Past mistakes
Have future consequences

What future will we hand our kids?
Nuclear weapons.

Have a blast
Playing with the neighbor

Why are we continually cursed
To kill ourselves
And Mother Earth?

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destined we are sadly the way things are going

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