DD (6/11/54 / Darwen England)

Death What Is It

What can you say about death
it is the end, over, finished, gone
No more goodbye's
No more Kisses
No more Hugs
No more Birthday cards
No more phone calls
No nothing, gone
I hope to a better place
cannot be any more worse than this place
This earth is a living hell,
so it can only get better
on the other side

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Comments (3)

Unusual one from you, Dave. Hope it doesnt reflect your mood.... Love, Fran the Fan xx
Awwww Davey...having a blue moment? Hope this is just a short term thing...You know where to find me if your fingers need to chat! Hugs, Dee
An unusually bleak viewpoint from yourself David. Maybe death, like life, is exactly what we make it................and if you see some of the crap saccharine rhyme that passes for sentiment in some Birthday cards, you 'd be happy not to get them!