(13/08 / hyderabad, A.P, India.)


the sudden death of a sister & brother.
sister younger & brother older to my father.

for months sister suffered with pain,
medicine & treatment, all went in vain.

docs failed to tell whats wrong with her,
alas they said she is in last stage of cancer.

everyone was in state of confuse,
none ready to believe the news.

the brother was visiting her now & then,
one evening he fainted all of a sudden.

everyone rushed him inside,
the shock we got none can hide.

docs said he didn't rest & eat.
he will be right after he eat &sleep.

that morning he just shivered in bed,
docs checked him & said he is dead.

'how can we loose him? '
was the question of each & every kin.

with shattered soul we buried the brother,
then visited hospital to attend the other.

the loss made none can amend
yet our turmoil was not at end.

docs said sister hardly has a day,
even that long. she didn't stay.

the turmoil rained liked showers,
we lost our beloved uncle & aunt within hours.

our sorrow can never be controlled,
everyone is shaken none could be consoled.

our pain is at the end tither.
we attend two funerals one after the other,

its so hard to believe,
that they no longer live.

such love & incidents are so rare.
everything looks like a night-mare.

i still feel the night-mare will end,
then again they will have long life to spend.

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highly emotional, how do u manage this rhyme? , Great!
Wow they say the best poems come to you from the heart and soul when your filling the Blues. Sorry this loss has happened to you. The poem was well put and made me fill for your loss