There was a time when I was a seaman travelled with
a cardboard suitcase and my best shoes wrapped in newspaper.
I always wore khaki mainly because people would think I was
an American, back then I thought it a great country; still great but
But her leaders look like nine to five clerks.
I have read many books but mostly cheep pot boilers.
Due to my shyness spent most time in my cabin and left my ship
when there was no more to read. I did developed a fondness for
Hemingway he never overwrote is books.
But for me reading had its hidden hazard as I tended to become
the person I read about.
I once read a report about me it said I was grumpy drank too much
- I must have been reading Hemingway at the time and had no social
skills and never mixed with others. I was a lousy seaman and only
enjoyed going ashore places I had read about and had an historical
meaning I could connect with. Well all this is in the past I was not to
know I was ill and introversion is a burden.

by Oskar Hansen

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