Debris (Dust Or Diamonds)

[We won’t survive this as we began it…]

We’ll be dust or diamonds,
remnants of the selves we were;

by Christine Austin Cole Click to read full poem

Comments (11)

I find no word to praise you...the whole poem binds the reader's heart to befriend the words again and again..certainly a diamond-poem and a diamond-poet...thank you
What a beautiful capture, you have painted here, wonder piece. A diamond in the rough for sure
Your poem certainly works up the inevitable. I can feel the tension and looming fate. I continue to long for a world other than either... or. Nice use of d's in the title. I appreciate your ending. Very clever use of mine(d) and the last line introduces a sort of relief 'levity'. 'with the hope that someday, somehow its secrets will be mine(d) .' [… and whether dust or diamonds, dear, is fine]
As an astronomy teacher (among other things!) I appreciate so much your grasp of the cosmos and the poetic nature of reality... do please at least publish an e-book, so we can download all yours at once and enjoy, be challenged and left better people than when we started. Thank you.
Christine, what I like most about your poetry is your grasp on the ethereal. Growing up in the desert, I have seen mean a meteor crossing the night sky, nearly close enough (it seemed to me) to touch. This poem grasps the feeling of what place we have in a universe filled with dust and diamonds. Very nice. Raynette
whoa! I was not expecting to see this gem...i'd never read much of your stuff before and this was a kick ass surprise. But judging by the hilarious comments you left me, I should have already known you were a poem genius! haha kick ass.
Have to keep up with the racing imagery and thoughts in this poem which is superbly crafted. Thanks.
some alter-him, some other-her' I envy you for owning this verse. Not only a very commonplace thought has been very superbly versified I also see experiments in a very advanced form of verse; as Frank puts is 'keep that pen pumpin'' Hugs lady rehan
I really like your ability to create such amazing imagery within your creations. I have noticed this on a few of your pieces and its very effective...Stunning! ! ! Best wishes Jon.
nice work done here. good piece.. i liked it.. keep going :)
This poem at least is a diamond. Your language is really powerful and rich in associations.