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Deceased Pets

We know when animals are not feeling well
Though of how they feel to us they cannot tell
And people do grieve when their pets do die
The story of a four legged friend is not based on a lie.

The young girl for her dead Jack russell Terrier in tears
He died of a heart ailment he was only five years
When she thinks of her Freddy tears flow down her face
No dog in her heart will ever take his place.

Since at the loss of a non human friend people for many months grieve
That pets are just pets one ought not to believe
The bonds between humans and their pets are strong
Those who tell you otherwise have got it wrong.

Their animals, birds, fish and reptiles to most people precious indeed
And the death of a pet friend to tears often does lead
And the mental pictures of a dead pet for decades their owners retain
And the memories of a non human deceased friend with them does remain.

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